Are Landlords Killing The Housing market?

Private Landlords & UK Housing

There is a valid school of thought that the dramatic rise in private landlords in the UK, investing in property in the longterm is perpetuating the current housing crisis.

As new builds come to market, many are snapped up, frequently being bought off pln before they even come to market.

Landlords have better liquidity than many private buyers, with easier access to mortgages, making it a self fulfilling prophesy that new builds aren’t achieving their aim as they are only fueling the bouyant rental sector.

Landlord Benefits

Once you have a few properties successfully rented and have a track record of profitable renting, it becomes easy to refinance your existing property portfolio on a regular basis to finance the purchase of additional properties.

This has the secondary benefit for landlords of removing properties from the private sector, making rentals more available and reducing the amount of properties available for purchase.

With many first time buyers priced out of the market, they have little option but to rent instead of buying, helping to fuel the future growth in rentals.

Is it possible to legislate against landlords to the extent that it’s not advantageous to invest in property without adversely affecting the private sector? No one wants to see the value of their home decrease. It is only those struggling to get on the housing ladder that want cheaper prices.

Maybe we actually need a rethink of the first time buyer problem. If we could build cheap properties for first time buyers that cost £100,000 instead of £200,000 they would stand a chance of buying them?

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